• Mr. Tran Van Tung : Vice Minister Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Mr. Pham Hong Quat: Director of NatecMoST
  • Mr. Zafrir Asaf: Head of Economic & Trade Department_Embassy of Israel Vietnam
  • Mr. Takafumi Yamamoto: CEO & President_ Todai TLO _The university of Tokyo Japan
  • Mr. Bob Waite: CEO_ Business Incubation in Autralia_Darebin Enterprise Centre Ltd
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly: Chairman & CEO of Komtek Corporation
  • The representative of MoST’s delegates


The International Workshop on Business Incubation for Science and Technology enterprise in University and Research Institutes

  • This is key speech presented by Chairman & CEO of Komtek Corporation to Ministry of Science & Technology is “ How to incubate and commercialize Vietnam technology as national strategy”
  • Komtek is assigned as Executive Advisor of MoST and continuously supporting MoST in 3 fronts:

vTechnology transfer

vTechnology Incubation and Commercialization

vPPP Model