• Mr. Vo Kim Cu: Congressman ; Chairman of Vietnam Cooperative Alliances
  • Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly: Chairman & CEO_ Komtek Corporation
  • The representative of VCA delegates & Komtek delegates


Komtek consults to VCA to implement 4 main projects:

  • To promote and build up a value chain for local agricultural products and assist local agricultural products enhance the competitiveness. After that we help VCA to trade those local agricultural products
  • To develop and support a microfinance which its purpose to provide specialized and personalized financial services to farming operations including family farms in Cooperative Alliances. The loans will be linked with supply chain development.
  • To consult and apply the technology to improve the efficiency of  VCA management and administration system by developing the Data Center Centralization
  • To promote and call the investment from domestic and foreign investors in agricultural sector as well as stimulate the cooperative projects in supporting the development of Vietnam cooperative Alliances from international organizations, non-government organizations.