• Mr. Miroslav Hajek: CEO_Edocu Company_Asseco Group
  • Mr. Filip Kubis: Consultant Manager_Edocu Company_Asseco Group
  • Healthtek Project Specialists.


  • Using Patient Cards, I-tag, I-sticker with QR Code and NFC chip with Edocu Solution
  • Run POC successfully Medical Equipment Management (MEM) solution at Medical Management Department and Image Diagnostic Department in City International Hospital (CIH). The solution is set up on cloud-based system, and able to be accessed from smart phones, tablet…, meet the requirements to connect information, quick data access, create work records, ticket, reminder, comments, feedbacks, create and export reports…
  • Run POC successfully Electronic Hospital Records (EHR) solution in Hòa Hảo Medical Center and Trưng Vương Hospital. The solution support in connect information, reduce paperwork, save cost & time
  • Provide Voice-to-Text function to support doctor dictate results.
  • Create Patient record with image, video before and after the surgery
  • Doctor can communicate, give orders to the nurses through the program