• Mr Bùi Hoàng : Director_Ho Chi Minh Department of Tourism
  • Mr. Zmecek Andrej: Business Development Manager _ Asseco Group
  • Mr. Černik Andrej : Business Development Executive _ Asseco Group
  • Mr. Miroslav Hajek: CEO_Edocu Company_Asseco Group
  • Mr. Nguyễn Hoàng Ly: Chairman & CEO _ Komtek Corporation
  • The representative of HCM Department of Tourism delegates, Komtek’s delegates.


Department of Tourism agree to sign MOU with Komtek and Asseco to conduct surveys Smart Tourism in HCM, including:

  • Support visitors on places of interest, book travel services, collect feedback through electronic devices, create convenient electronic payment method
  • Interconnect data with other government agencies to gather data sources for purpose of tourism development
  • Create an open infrastructure to attract travel companies