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We provide assistance with the development of incremental and pragmatic ICT strategic roadmaps that align to your business vision. The stand out feature in KOMTEK’s roadmaps is the feature built in with flexibility that allows our clients to react quickly to changes in the business or the environment. Our technology consulting includes:

 Business IT Solution Consultant:

Komtek provides Business IT Solution consultant based on ISO 38500 Foundation - a high level, principles based advisory standard. In addition to providing broad guidance on the role of a governing body, it encourages organizations to use appropriate standards to underpin their governance of IT.

With a professional and experienced consulting team, KOMTEK provides solutions and services to develop ICT infrastructure for enterprises in complying with client’s businesses and industry. By analyzing clients’ requirements and strategies, we can bring them well-known and suitable IT solutions and products to help them achieve their businesses targets. From our viewpoint of Enterprise IT Architecture and ICT infrastructure to support the activities of an enterprise does not only include network (LAN, WAN…) and hardware (servers, storage…) but also include common applications (ID management, authentication, security, integration…) and back-end applications (CRM, ECM, ERP…). In meaning of the services, we can go along with our customer’s decision makers and IT staffs to plan, design, build up, operate and manage all the above IT systems with our high commitment in the effectiveness of investment.

 Banking / Payment Solution Consultant:

With our team that is specialized in banking / payment solutions, we provide a vast range of consulting solutions:
  • Multi-functional Self-service Kiosk
  • Multi-functional Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Card center Development
  • Security Solutions (n-factor Authentication, Security Incidents Monitoring, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, Anti-virus/Endpoint Security, Virtualization & Cloud Computing Security, PKI)
  • Contact center
  • Banking CRM
  • Automatic Clearing House 
  • Other Banking Service and Policy Development.

We are focusing on customer-oriented consulting services to help banks clarify their strategic development based on technology application to improve customer approaching / acquiring, customer transaction, customer service, and banking security. With our relationship to top-notch international supplier, we ensure the best solution (at international standard) at the lowest cost (at local cost) to our client. Our strategy is also to close the gaps between international companies and local customers by providing consultant services, project management services and auditing services.

Besides, KOMTEK is also specialized in Payment solutions for both bank and payment company. We consult to help customers in building customers’ payment network as well as service bank and un-bank services (bill payment, mobile top-up, digital content payment, e-commerce, m-commerce,…).

E-Health Solution Consultant

The status of the current Vietnamese hospital becoming overloaded as the number of patient is overcrowding. It makes the data information management is becoming difficult to meet the needs of patients. Understand the hospital is needing solutions that can help them take care their patients better, Komtek is currently implementing the solution advice of:

- Hospital Information System (HIS): This is an integrated and advanced information system, reached international standards, help the healthcare, the hospital management and the patient management achieve the best performance.

- Health information exchange (HIE): This is the mobilization of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community or hospital system to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-centered care.

E- book Solution , E- Publication: consult to apply information, communication products in the field:

- Building "Electronic information portal" for connecting, integrating and sharing of electronic information resources, different information technology application products (e-book, databases, e-lectures, software teaching-learning, etc.) with the purpose of creating an e-library to share, exchange interactive database for the users (teachers, parents, pupils and students ...). 

- Digitalize current and future books, manufacturing software integrated on the terminal, hardware and production process, published under the new technology. 

- Looking for manufacturing partners and coordinate the production of terminal technology information that integrated e-books, databases, depending on the subject and strategic stages.

Agricultural Modernization Consultant:

Vietnam is a country with diversified agriculture, rich because has favorable natural conditions, is expressed through the distribution of agricultural territory. But the cultivated area per capita is low, the mode of production is backward and small. Therefore, to increase productivity and product quality in order to improve the competitiveness in the market, the best practice is to modernize agriculture and agriculture orientation to farmers. To accomplish this, there must be plans for land use, infrastructure, development of economic infrastructure - social and economic – environmental, development of new residential, renovated existing residents towards civilization; application of information technology in agriculture. 

As a consulting company specializing in technology, we are currently implementing the advice for applying information technology in the process of agricultural modernization:

  • Apply control status system, process control, robotics agriculture, monitoring of goods in agriculture.
  • Market survey, set up the exchanges, build and protect brand, supply chain etc. for agribusiness.
  • Website Management, application activities management, economic analysis.
  • Logistics Technology
  • Technology for e-commerce development in agriculture
Komtek is playing a role as the transfer clue of high-technologies from Japan to Vietnam

Anti Counterfeit Consultant:

Currently, the majority of fake products spreads widely in the market due to economic crisis and the impact of inflation. The competent authority is the almost paralyzed with this situation. Therefore, anti-counterfeit solutions is extremely necessary to protect customer benefit and health as well as to save organization/business benefit.

KOMTEK directly offers some specific Anti-counterfeit solution advices to deal with counterfeit goods are increasingly sophisticated:

  • Magnetic Technology
  • Barcode – Hologram Technology
  • SMS Technology

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