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AML Seminar (18th June 2013)

 The Seminar recorded video


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Report of AML Seminar on 18 June 2013

I. Participants:

 Total participants is 120, including 61 representative delegates of 23/30 inviting banks (77% rate).

I.1. The organizers:

- Vietnam Banking Association-VNBA: Ms. Tran Thi Hong Hanh – General Secretary and 3 other representatives in HCMC.

- KOMTEK Corporation: Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly – President, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Hoa – Senior Consultant and 10 Staffs.

I.2. Guests:

- Finance Committee of the National Monitoring: Mr. Ha Huy Tuan –Vice President and 1 expert. 

- State Bank of Vietnam-SBV:

  • Nguyen Van Ngoc - Director of Anti-money laundering Department, State Bank of Vietnam.
  • Vo Van Thuan - Deputy Chief Inspector of the State Bank HCMC branch;
  • Pham Quoc Trinh - Director Department of Information Technology HCMC.

- Ministry of Public Security –Permanent Agency Southern Region:

  • Đo Anh Ton-Deputy Head of Technology Crime Prevention Department C50;
  • Nguyen Huu Quang–Representative Currency Security Administration A84.

- International guests:

  • Manabu Yamamoto - Singapore;
  • Ông Yasumasa Kondo - Division Head of TIS Japan Financial Solution Sale Department;
  • Representative ofVietnam Saison Consulting;  Oartech Vietnam; Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ; Kanden System Solutions; TrendMicro; TIS Japan Financial Solution Dept.1; TIS Japan Financial Solution Sale Department; TIS Western Japan Region; Operation Division; Representative Office of TIS Inc. in HCMC.

I.3. Commercial Banks: Representative leaders and officials of Anti-Money Laundering Department, Information Technology Department of 4 government commercial banks, and 19 joint-stock commercial banks.

I.4. Others: Representatives of the information technology department, media agencies (SaigonTimes, Youth Newspaper, Vietnam News, Vietnam Net, Journal of Finance, Ministry of Finance, Vietnam News Agency, Sai Gon Giai Phong; Portal electronic Government investment Bridge ...)

II.  Content of AML Seminar

II.1. Ms. Tran Thi Hong Hanh -General Secretary of VNBA had a welcome guest speech.

II.2. Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoc - Director of anti-money laundering presented some basic issue about the AML Law, the implementation status of AML technology and the concern in the implementation of AML Law.

II.3. Mr. Shon Heung Woo - Director of GT One in Japan introduced AML implementation experience in Korean. GT One is a Korean company who is one of the market leader in providing solutions comprising: AML, Application Governance, Data Governance and Compliance. Mr. Shon Heung Woo shared AML experience regard to: (i) analyzing suspicious transaction report, recent trend of Korean management agencies in AML, (ii) implementation status of financial institutions and AML solutions in Korea, (iii) the differentiation of AML among the countries, (iv) development of FATCAEXPRESS solution to face with The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which will be effected in Korea from January 2014.

II.4. Mr. Saito Masaru Representative of TIS–the major System Integrator in Japan, market leader in financial industry and has many implementation experience of AML in Japan. Mr. Saito Masaru introduced AML Law in Japan, there are 2 main obligations of the AML financial institutions in Japan to the customer and financial institutions authorized. AML development trend of bank in Japan from TIS’s point of view, AML process overview, the challenges and solution when implement AML Express for bank in Vietnam, as well as the point to consider in deploying WLF (watch list filtering), risk scoring, transaction monitoring. Methods of implementing AML solutions.

II.5. Mr. Ha Huy Tuan -Vice President of Finance Committee of the National Monitoring

- According to Mr.Tuan, Vietnam's Anti-money laundering Law was enacted and are implementing, how to expand the scope of Anti-money laundering Law so that the State can collect taxes. Stemming from international integration requirements and international standards require increasingly high demands, banks need to be prudent, if not will affecting brand reputation, must have IT systems meet the operational requirements of Anti-money laundering. According to Mr.Tuan, there are 5 issues to be discussed: (1) Completing the legal framework as soon as possible, (2) After completing legal documents, the agencies of Banks Association, the State bank, the Ministry of Public Security, etc. have to organize propaganda thoroughly; (3) About information technology, the important thing is banks have to choose the appropriate and harmonious software, connected to the Ministry, with the outside, the function use must be consistent with the provisions of law, must ensure modern, can upgrade update (4) must have deployment route on specified time, the progress of legislation and must expeditiously, (5) Banking have to mobilize the support of the sectors, and local, should have the support of the cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Security, etc.

- In terms of our country's underground economy is relatively large, use a lot of cash so transaction management not through banks is difficult. Fiscal policy, monetary policy also affected, if adjust quickly will affect the deployment of commercial banks. World economic situation, the World law also change and affect Anti-money laundering activities in Vietnam.

II.6.  Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly - President of KOMTEK Corporation

On the basis of the 40 +9FATF Recommendations (Financial Action Task Force) and actual status of AML activities in Vietnam, Mr. Ly had identified three main pillars of AML including: (i) AML procedures and policies; (ii) Implementation of customer understanding, filtering and monitoring transactions, (iii) Periodic training. Then he also pointed out the overall AML model solution and proposed roadmap of deployment

II.7.  Mr. Nguyen Huu Quang Representative of Currency Security Administration A84. Regarding to Mr. Quang, in order to implement the AML Law:

  • The media should widespread information regarding to the AML Law.
  • Sync and widespread the information about tax, the restrictions on the cash using, incentive payments through bank transactions
  • SBV and the agencies involve with the resolution with the financial institutions in other countries to share the anti-money laundering laws of the world
  • SBV determine the legal institutions to ensure the anti-money laundering laws are improved.
  • The agencies corporate with each others to widespread the information about AML Law
  • Each customer of bank need committed to the supervision and anti-money laundering law of the Bank
(1)Mr. Ha Huy Tuan, Vice President of Finance Committee of the National Monitoring

(2) Dr. Tran Thi Hong Hanh, General Secretary;

(2) Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoc, Director of Anti-money laundering Department;

(3) Mr. Nguyen Hoang Ly, President of KOMTEK Corporation;

(4) Mr. Satio Masaru – Representative of TIS;

(5) Mr. Shon Heung Woo, Director of GT One.

The participants express their opinions around issues:

  1. It is necessary to complete the legal framework;
  2. The media widespread information of AML
  3. The corporation between agencies, organizing and the public regarding to the implementation of AML Law;
  4. Select the appropriate information technology solutions;
  5. Internal training to implement AML effectively

III. Conclusion&report of seminar: Ms. Tran Thi Hong Hanh –General Secretary

- It is confirmed that the deployment of AML solutions is the necessary and urgent task, these solutions exceeded the scope of the country and became the connection between the countries about AML anti-terrorist financing. To solve this well, it is necessary to have three pillars: policy mechanisms; implement effectively ​​the propaganda and training. However, in terms of the current legal framework, the deployment for AML meets a lot of difficulties and it need to match with the reality and based on the legal basis.

- Deploying for the AML solutions need to have the awareness of the level from the leaders to staffs, need to have the technology system and discuss information among sectors, local areas; the solutions need to ensure according to the requirement of Legal, have to comply the international standards; have to prevent the risks and promptly detect money laundering activities.

- The commercial banks need to focus on propagating the awareness of issues related to the AML law; determined AML will be associated with risk prevention and risk management, focused on  targets and reporting procedures for early detecting the behaviors related to money laundering, the training should focus on the synchronized implementation for the new training, re-training and additional training, equipped with the knowledge, experience about AML; concentrate the AML organizations in banks with the relationship between the management agencies and other commercial banks, focus on the flexible information technology application solutions, timely updates, meet the requirements of AML.

- The management role of State of Bank and management agency: The State management agencies need to improve the legal framework to match with international rules and practices of Vietnam, it needs the standard procedure in accordance with international practices, ensuring satisfying both the activities of commercial banks and the management requirements of the State agency. The State management agencies need to have a mechanism to exchange information to create the opportunities for commercial banks to avoid the risks in transaction process. From 01/01/2014 U.S Law of compliance tax will take effect, so need to unify the criteria to report to the U.S partners to avoid income deduction penalty of Vietnam banks which have branches overseas.

- The seminar was taken place in the exalted atmosphere and appreciated with the practical meaning by the attendants; create the premise for continuous propaganda, training and deploying effectively for AML in Vietnam. The opinions of the leaders of related agencies such as AML Department in Vietnam and Finance Committee of the National Monitoring, The Currency Security Administration- Ministry of Public Security, and the AML experts of Korea and Japan create opportunities for the organization's members of VNBA which received many information about the law and experiences deployment for AML.

IV. Participation status, the number of joining to the AML survey:

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V. Pictures of AML Seminar:





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